Andy Warhol Lady McCrady Lady McCrady aka McCrady Axon 1984s


2015 Virginia Center for Creative Arts residency
2013 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council ASI
2010 Connecticut Commission on the Arts Individual Artist grant
2002 Connecticut Commission on the Arts Individual artist grant
1994 New England Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist grant
        Guild Hall Museum Eight Artists. Republic National Bank First Purchase award, Larry Rivers
        N.E.A. New York University electronic media, Martin Nisenholtz
1987 Artists Space NY
1984 William Steeple Davis Trust one year residency Orient LI NY
1986 Pratt Institute Manhattan printmaking residency NY
1983 Calpis Corporation Tokyo
1971 Greater Hartford Arts Council Second Purchase Award, curator Les Levine NY


2018  Five Points Gallery, 'Presence: Encounters with the Figure. Curator Ann Finholt, Torrington CT
         Silvermine Guild of Artists new members show, New Canaan CT
         bG Gallery Bergamot, Santa Monica LA
         Curated Gallery, Mystic CT
         Artspace New Haven Flatfiles and 'Toy Boat'
         River Street Gallery, Fair Haven Furniture 'In Praise of Color' New Haven CT
         Creative Arts Workshop, Expressions in Printmaking, New Haven CT
2017  Queens College, CUNY The Fabric of Cultures, curator Eugenia Paulicelli, Brooklyn NY
         Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan CT, curator Eric Ben Kiki
Mill Gallery, Guilford Art Center, curator Amy Kurtz Lansing, Florence Griswold Museum CT
2012  Whitney Biennial 2012 Michael Clark Company UK Residency performer
2010  Bradley International Airport, Curator Power Boothe, Dean, Hartford Art School
1995  Curator's Choice, John Slade Ely House, New Haven CT
1990  Parrish Museum, curator Werner Kramarsky, Southampton NY
1990  Guild Hall Museum, Eight Artists, curator Helen Harrison, East Hampton NY
1989  Real Art Ways Hartford, Jenny Holzer, McCrady Axon
1984  Everson Museum Biennial, Syracuse NY curator John Perrault
1983  17th Annual Biennial of Sao Paulo Brazil, curator Berta Sichel

Jean-Pierre Fenez and Jean Michel Vinay Architects. Paris & Marrakesh
Edmund Caddy III London
Greater Hartford Arts Council CT
Republic National Bank of New York NYC
Bill Arning, Director Contemporary Arts Museum Houston TX
Connie Vick, Vick Art Consultants and Barry Buckland NYC
Springfield Museum of Art OH
Andy Warhol NYC

2009  Southern Connecticut State University
2001  Connecticut State Capital, curator Jennifer Aniskovich
1989  Long Island University Southampton
          Islip Museum, Dowling College
1988  New York University Broadway Windows
1987  Smith College
          University of Massachusetts Amherst
          Galerie Olivier Renaud Clement Paris
         Carl Warnecke 'Architectures' Windows New York
         Galerie Art-Mania, Annemasse FR, curator Olivier Renaud Clement
1985  Galerie J et J Donguy Paris
1983  The Bee Tokyo

WIKIPEDIA citations

Slivka, Rose C.S., East Hampton Star. December 3, 1987
"Selected by Helen A. Harrison, the museum's curator, the show is sponsored by the Republic
National Bank of New York and includes three purchase prizes for the bank's collection chosen
by the painter Larry Rivers. The first prize winner Ms. Axon, at 37, seems to be more related
to the Abstract Expressionists and European Modernism than any of her other fellow painters
in this exhibition. The velocity of her drawing and brushwork, combining a circular sweep of
long and short strokes, drives to a vortex that scribes around a series of short directional daubs,
high and cool color . . . The sheer force of her charcoal drawing, incorporated in the color of
Landing Zone Four, done in 1987 - as well as in her purchase award-winning oil on canvas Straight.
No Chaser,
done in 1988, have so much energy in the movement and agitation of the surface, it is
a pleasure to see this aspect of Modernism receiving a fresh infusion of talent."

Braff, Phyllis. The New York Times "The New Generation Shows Its Colors" May 22, 1988 p.26
"Werner Kramarsky, a collector residing in East Hampton and New York, selected the core of the
show, devoted to artists under 35 . . . The energy is less subtle and more direct in McCrady Axon's
paintings and handsome etchings. The pieces usually function at two levels, for there is a spiritual
meaning in the dominant circular gesture, and a sense of pulsating action to be experienced
through a busy, painterly and colorful surface."

Braff, Phyllis. The New York Times July 6, 1988 p.18
"The Axon paintings seek a different sort of harmony with nature, one reflecting the tumult of envir-
onmental forces. Vivid, explosive color moves swifly to give the sense of swirling atmosphere. Brush
gestures suggest flickering natural light."

Paluel-Marmont, Claudia. Galerie J et J Donguy, Paris, catalogue, Presented by Olivier Renaud-
Clement, curator. preface

"It is this chink in the slick surface that steals her. Here is an improper flaw, a troupe of guideposts
warning you of the brink. She pursues it, forgetful of the railing."

Anderson, Jack New York Times September 17, 1995
Arts, The Dance: Rappaport
"The choreography of "Fire with Fire" was upstaged by both words and objects . . But this dollhouse,
designed by Lady McCrady, was a house that appeared to be on fire."

Prince, Dinah. Daily News January 8, 1986 p.31

"An artist with startling green eyebrows is showing her equally startling paintings at Dash & Dash . .
inspired by construction sites in the streets of Manhattan, Paris and Tokyo. " Things happen which no
one pays attention to," McCrady says. "They put up tents, like outposts in the desert." At the opening,
fashion designers, the look-alike Clark Gable and the authentic Andy Warhol mingled. McCrady first
made an impression in New York in 1981 with her Valentines Day party, where 100 revelers consumed
five cases of champagne and tossed pink heart confetti out her 16th floor windows. Dash & Dash
owners Philip Dash (who also has a job at Odeon) and Hugo Oropesa (who also works at Channel 13)
say McCrady's works are a hit. One piece, a billboard hung on 11th street, was appreciated by a thief."

de Vecchi, Lerner. L'Oeil Revue D’Art. No 364 Novembre 1985 Paris Lady Mc Crady
"But at which speed to run, how far to allow oneself to be tempted, shouldn't we give limits to danger,
therefore to life without fear of the unknown? Mc Crady is a member of the current young artists who
place themselves outside the schools, who are after all everything but fleeting.”

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Lady McCrady and Andy Warhol 1982, photo East Village Eye, Baird Jones           Andy Warhol Lady McCrady            

        Lady McCrady aka McCrady Axon by Rose Slivka, East Hampton Star 1988             Lady McCrady Daily News     Lady McCrady, Artist, Real Art Ways Hartford 2004


We are in an apocalyptic climate shift and the human organism is suffering a psychic frailty.
Manipulated by uncontrolled situations, we can fall into a confused vertigo and become mesmerized by power and light.
Art making is a direct connection from the brain through the hand, using primitive materials. I create replicas of surprising experiences.
Neurologists tell us that, most of all, the human mind craves novelty. We like to be surprised, and caught off guard.


My parents were performers in my early childhood. We moved often and the piano I played didn't move east with us so I
began making objects at an early age. 'Duke' Ellington, Nat 'King' Cole, Miles Davis were household names and my nickname
was the rhyme Lady McCrady. About the practical aspects of being artists, Dad said, "Alotta musicians would like to work
only in music, but Hell, on Monday morning, there's no one there to dance."

At age 19 I gained recognition from the Greater Hartford Arts Council with the Purchase Prize by NY artist Les Levine for a large painting.
At age 21, my drawings for a Feminist Press bilingual Spanish picture book won a publishing award, and a book I illustrated
with children of all ethnicities for Houghton Mifflin sold 60,000 copies. I created experimental Cliche Verre prints for jazz poet
Barry Wallenstein's book The Roller Coaster Kid in an Art Brut style which got great reviews.
In my 30's Andy Warhol plus three stayed all night at my roof-top pre-war studio installation Fire Under the Water Tower.
Then Andy stayed for hours at my East Village gallery solo 'Enfer et Paradis' Heaven & Hell
along with a Clark Gable look alike and the art writer I admired, Maurice Poirier. I was profiled in Interview and Andy
hosted parties in my water tower installation. He called me to chat Saturday mornings while we worked in our
respective studios. When I first met Andy, I said "I really want to meet Jasper Johns". I met an English printmaker
and Olivier Renaud Clement, who curated and showed my installations and paintings in Paris at Galerie J et J Donguy.

In the 90s I showed seven-foot glossy red paintings of femi clinging red interlocked forms after the format of corporate logos.
They were prescient and several ominous personal events followed. So I cut up those paintings and for a while I painted
still life color studies to avoid painting something else that might be foreboding! I'm glad that activism is up. Strangely, recent
Yale studies show that children who suffer early trauma become conservatives because of their need to control their situation.
I'm painting over the red into pink, and I'm more accepting of the work that comes out of my studio.

Judith Rothschild (mentored by Hans Hoffman), Friedl Dzubas, Valerie Jaudon, Elaine deKooning,
Helen Harrison, Robert Swain, Vincent Longo, Larry Rivers, Siobhan Davies, Andy Warhol,
Dan Rice, Susan Crile, Robert Gwathmey, Steph White, Larry Bakke, Roman Vishniac


lexiaxon at gmail dot com  212-603-9577
© LexaMcCradyAxon 2017




Lexi Axon is an American painter. Born in Speedway Indiana to two jazz musicians who moved often in her early years,
she lives outside New Haven. MFA City University of New York Hunter College magna cum laude 1990 during
Rosalind Krauss's tenure. School of Visual Arts New York Milton Glaser intensive 1980. BFA Syracuse University VPA cum
laude, year abroad Sir John Cass School of Art London. Pre-college grant Hartford Art School in painting. Lexi McCrady
Axon is currently Adjunct Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Eastern Connecticut State University.